My Overall Governing Philosophy

The City of Atlanta should do three things well

Inform, Serve, and Invest

• Inform and involve citizens in the work of the City

• Deliver city services efficiently – for the benefit of all

• Make long term investments that improve the future of every citizen

Public Safety and Wellness

Every Atlanta neighborhood ought to be a safe one, where you can walk down any street with ease. But today, we are enduring a spike in violent crime, our police force is overwhelmed and demoralized, and we feel unsafe in our city. In my vision for Atlanta, our first responders and community work together in a collaborative partnership to build strong, safe neighborhoods. We need to ensure that our police, fire, and rescue have the staff, training, and resources they need, and we must build police-community relationships that are founded on familiarity and trust.  

As we work on near-term priorities, we must never forget that the best and most durable guarantees of public safety are the strength and health of our communities. That’s why I’m also focused on the economic vitality and sustainable livability of every Atlanta neighborhood.

Economic Mobility and Equity

Atlanta’s growth over the years has been incredible – and inequitable. The city has worked well for 70% of our citizens and been unsafe, unhealthy, and economically closed for 30% of our neighbors. From one Atlanta zip code to another, life expectancy can differ by more than 20 years. This is an unacceptable community failure – and a moral one. As we emerge from our current crises, we must broaden and lift the economic trajectory of our city. It’s the right thing to do, and every Atlantan will benefit.

We start by getting all of our kids well prepared for their future. A young child’s opportunity to live a healthy, safe, and educated life today provides a lifetime of benefits. We then make investments that empower residents of every neighborhood to determine their own futures. A neighborhood thrives when businesses are plentiful, healthy food is available, parks are close by, and people are supported as they build their families’ futures.

Infrastructure And Sustainability

Our rapid growth continues to strain our aging infrastructure. Now is the time to invest in the basics: to maintain what we have and build what we need. I will work for every neighborhood to have trails and parks nearby with playgrounds and ballfields. We need a long-term capital plan, with a clear funding mechanism, sustainable design, and strong oversight. It is long past time to upgrade and expand our transit system to support Atlanta’s livability and affordability. To meet the challenges of climate change, we must invest in green energy and water conservation, not only in public facilities but across our city.